Monday, February 22, 2010

Gray day

The snow is starting to melt here, which is nice. And it's warmed up a bit, which is also nice. But it's definitely gray out there. I wonder if the weather is going to start getting better any time soon.

I need to get to the grocery and write a weekly menu. I'm sort of bored with what we've been eating, or not eating, lately. I haven't used a menu since T came to live with us, and I think it is about time to re-start that. Suggestions? (ok, except beef or pork, please.)

I wonder how others get through the winter blahs... maybe I need to go buy a sun-lamp. :) J/K. I probably won't do that, but I've heard that some people swear by them.




Tom in Vegas said...

"(ok, except beef or pork, please.)"

Are you kidding?? Nothing beats the winter blahs, hooeys, and humbugs like pork products! Pork shoulders, pork loin, pork butts, pork belly, pork spare ribs, pork JOWLS.....deeeelicious! It's the fat that makes them good..

In Vegas, nothing beats the quality of Rudy's Meats and Poultry (They have the best North Pole venison this side of the Mississippi. Remember me mentioning it last December?). When they have a sale on porky things, there is a guy at the cutting station dressed as Porky Pig ready to take your order. Is that not hilarious? It makes the whole buying experience so much more pleasant since you know Porky Pig could never sell you bad pork. That's why Rudy's is the best in the business. It also creates such a family atmosphere:0)

Anyhoo, don't dis pork products. They have tremendous healing powers.

Anonymous said...


Mama Melissa said...

i tried to explain to T just how funny i thought this was... but, alas, she eats pork...and didn't think it quite as funny as i did! LOL

hooey... hehe.

hobbyhungry said...

turkey meatloaf, turkey stuffed green peppers, chicken and noodles, white bean chicken chili... i'm getting hungry!