Monday, April 5, 2010


Saturday, Lil M got to go to K's 5th birthday party (I'll post some pics if I get approval... but here's my girl eating a cupcake!) We had BIG fun at the birthday party, thanks C!!!

Lil M and Nephew had fun blowing bubbles in the backyard yesterday (Easter).

Celebrating Grandma's belated 60th (or according to the candles, 21st!) birthday on Easter, too.

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Tom in Vegas said...

Say, could I save myself some time, and allow the comments I posted on TCB to hop on over to this blog and get posted here?

Get it? "Hop" on over. It's Easter/ bunny season and I said "hop." Oh, gosh, I crack myself up! Please allow me a moment to collect myself. I'll be right back.

Okay,I'm back, and I shall amuse thee with other fancied writings instead of copying and pasting already used material..

Okay, 1st pic: A combination of CUTE and YUMMY!

2nd pic: The Three Amigos!

3rd pic.: Should have told your nephew, "Hey, nephew, say cheese!" Then, as he turned around, snapped a pic of him with Little Mia. Still a good pic :0)

4th pic: My favorite! Grandpa and granddaughter walking. I can tell from this pic alone that grandpa loves Mia very much:0)

5th pic: Neph. and his grandmother's belated 60th B-day. If you read this, Happy B-day to you!!

Again, there you have it. The comments of Tom, the most powerful man in the universe.

BTW, do you like to read non-fiction? Next month Shaggy comes out with his memoirs entitled "My Life with Scooby", which covers the many years he and Scooby spent working together. In it he's expected to reveal that he and Scooby-Doo were more than just friends.