Friday, April 9, 2010

The many positives of being a single parent... for both the parent and child

I found this article today:

They point out that children raised by a single parent often have a stronger bond with that parent, well into their adulthood.

And, according to this article: I am the average single parent... well allrighty then!

This single parent took her son to "family math night" - math with M&M's, fun! He loved it and I got to eat cookies that had M&M's and to drink lemonade :) He got to see the difference in weight of M&M's, peanut M&M's and Skittles; he also did a fun little project counting them to find the median, mode, etc. And finally he plotted points on a graph, and when he connected the points it made M & M hehe, clever! We had fun.


Tom in Vegas said...

"They point out that children raised by a single parent often have a stronger bond with that parent, well into their adulthood."

I absolutely agree with you, Malissa's fifty-fifty. When circumstances - good or bad - disallow the presence of another parent, this doesn't mean the child suffers. Yes, it would be nice and ideal and beneficial to have two parents, but a GOOD SINGLE parent is worth much more than two parents who are uninvolved in their child's life, or two parents who are forced to stay with each other after the relationship is over.

"[W]ell allrighty then!"

Proper spelling: "Alrighty" or "All righty". This pretty much confirms my worst fears.

A little while ago, Melissa wrote a post in which the battle for double letters was on. The struggle was so intense, that ever since then I only visit this blog wearing a helmet. The first sign of this rare disorder (called the Duplex Alphabet Syndrome) surfaced a few weeks ago when Melissa wrote the phrase "I like baseball" as "I like me some bball." What a horrendous typo. Anyway, I wrote to Melissa:

"It's obvious to me that you experience sporadic bouts of double vision (Duplex Alphabet Syndrome).

For example. Look at the following letter: B

I only see one "B" where as you clearly see two "B's" right next to each other. Going forward, whenever you encounter this situation again, please ignore the "B" on the left. This will make it easier for you to write your posts and MUCH easier for us to read them."

I'm afraid that you also suffer from this disorder, Melissa's Ditto (meaning twin). It's OK. Nobody's perfect. Just remember to ignore the repeating letter that is to the LEFT of the one on the right (if that makes any sense).

To make matters even more complicated, when you encounter a word that correctly contains repeating letters side-by-side, such as in the word "letter", you will see a total of 4 "t's" (tttt). In this case, the best thing to do is to ignore the SET of "t's" to the LEFT of the set of "t's" on the right.

Duplex Alphabet Syndrome has no cure.

Yes, some of the comments I've posted under the blog title "Tom in Vegas" have been misspelled by my assistants (all of which, by the way, were waterboarded). I take full responsibilities for those by stating unequivocally that they were someone else's fault.

Mama Melissa said...

Sis - very good article. (is the 2nd one supposed to be different?) I really liked it. And hope it's right. :)

Tom - funny!! (or is that funnnny??)



Laraf123 said...

Thanks for posting that link. Very helpful and encouraging!