Thursday, April 1, 2010


Lil M got a trim tonight. She enjoyed it. :) Douglas (our hairdresser) said she ran to the wash basin to get her hair washed, and that she beat him to it... and sat down just like a big girl! She loved it. All smiles. :)


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Tom in Vegas said...

Little Mia getting her haircut! She seems to actually enjoy it. I was under the impression that most children dread getting their haircut, so waterworks were imminent. But Mia has a HUGE smile on her face (as she does in all her pics) really having a blast:0)

BTW, Malith, Jayjay my hairdresser is out for two days, so I was unable to get my fabulouth cut. Let me share with you a little gossip. JJ is a level 4 bed-wetter, so he has to go see some shrink every time he has a nighttime episode. I think his condition stems from an incident that took place when he was a teenager, in which he and a bunch of his buddies broke into a lab and made off with what they thought was lemonade. When they realized what it was, it was too late.

He also suffers from vampire panic attacks.

Also, for Easter food, you have got to try little Smurf sandwich triangles. They're to DIE for! Unfortunately, because of a decreasing Smurf population that was brought on by drought and a barrage of Gargamel offensives, Smurfs are considered an endangered species. So if you find one, leave them alone. M'kay?

Well, that's it for me, Malith. Here's to looking fabulouth, phenomenal, and fierce! I'm off to enjoy my wine Sprit-ther:0)