Monday, April 12, 2010

There are things in life

... that I don't take for granted. Or at least I try very hard not to. And one of those is my daughter, Lil M, and how we became a family. When I hear very sad stories (a recent one about a mother sending her son back to Russia ... on a plane, by himself... "giving him back") it just completely wrenches my heart. Completely.

Unfortunately, the extremely small amount of adoption disruptions give adoptions a bad name. :( And, now, Russia is considering stopping international adoptions. There is one tiny contribution we can make... please sign this petition. Please.

If we can help, in any way, to keep international adoptions open it would help so many children and families. If, for some reason, I wasn't able to adopt... I wouldn't have my own child right now. I just can't tell you how sad that makes me.



Laraf123 said...

That story made me sad, too. I pursued int'l adoption before becoming an SMC by DI. It was already so difficult for women to adopt on their own and now this story...
I will sign the petition.

Beautiful Mess said...

I'll DEFINITELY sign it! That story totally broke my heart.