Saturday, November 13, 2010


Oh, Lord... what was I thinking??? I got a call today to do respite this weekend... for a 15 YO girl and her 16 month old daughter... egad. That child can SCREAM. I haven't gone to bed yet, because I'm afraid of waking her... she's in a pack-n-play in my room tonight. Please Lord, let her sleep all night.

T wasn't here when it happened... wonder how she would have reacted. She told me she doesn't need parenting classes. Oh really?? Right. Well... don't even get me started.

The two girls will only be here until tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. And God must have known, 'cause my class was canceled for tomorrow!!! WOOHOO. Mommy needs to sleep. I do not feel well. My head is going to explode now... and throat hurts and feel like I'm getting a cold. I hope it passes very quickly.

Lil M and I did get to see Auntie Ellen today!! She is doing very well. I'm so utterly thankful to God for taking such good care of her. We had some Indian food at this little restaurant we like. Yum. Ellen was having some cabin fever and so it was good to get her out of the house for a bit. She got good news today that her test results came back negative. Thank You God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So... I plead temporary insanity today... the snot made me do it. ROFL. (ewww, that's so gross, lol)

Man, how soon we forget about the screaming and the baby-proofing!!! It's amazing how quickly after the age of 3 that one forgets all the stuff a baby can get into so quickly! Please pray for my sanity this weekend. And for us when T's baby comes. Lord have mercy. I'm not even sure how that's going to work. I'm concerned that T will be quite overwhelmed... unless, the baby is not a crier... and what are the odds of that?

OMG, and Lil M asked me today... Mommy, did the other woman who had me in her tummy give me a name? What was my name? (not exact words, but pretty close).... um??? WHAT? Noodle on that one y'all.

I have told her in the past she was called by another name, but never in that way before. So, I asked her what she thought she was called... she said something like "leaf" (not exact) ... which made me laugh. I said, I bet she called you Goose... she said no, probably "leaf" (not exact, 'cause my brain is foggy from the snot) ... it was all just so very odd. I didn't expect that level of question until she was much older. This all happened in the 5 minutes it takes to get to her DC in the morning. egad. So, clearly, I need to sit down and go through it again with her... not much more information, just make sure she knows we can talk about it for more than 30 seconds at a time. :)


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