Monday, November 1, 2010

Southern Belle princess

My Lil M went as a Southern Belle Princess this year. She wanted a long dress... to the floor, mommy... so, i got her one. :) It was ADORABLE. The only problem was she kept tripping on it, but it was definitely worth it, anyway. I think she'll end up wearing it as a play dress for quite awhile. I'll have to post pics later. Trust me, I have many!

T was a good witch. She looked great in her costume, too. We all went out on Saturday with Sis and kids to trick-or-treat. Then yesterday, Lil M and I went in our own neighborhood for about an hour, 'cause I wasn't feeling so hot (exhausted, headaches, as usual). We had a good time, though. I liked both days... but I do like it when there aren't as many people around, 'cause I hate it when people are up on top of us; crowding isn't fun to me.

But with Sis and fam, we did have pizza and Grampa came, too. :) Sis is all moved and I think once things settle down, she'll be really happy with it. Right now we're just all very busy.

We need to get T registered at the hospital where she'll deliver. We also need to go to appts every 2 weeks now. I can't believe it is November already. Time is just flying. It feels like yesterday when we found out. But alas it isn't and she's due in January.... which is coming quick.

Speaking of November, it is National Adoption Month again, so I will post some thoughts on that soon. :)

Work and school are good. Will be finished up with school by Dec 14. Got quite a bit to do between now and then for that, as well. Oh, and Thanksgiving is this month! ... you know what that means... black friday! :D



Beautiful Mess said...

Aww I bet Lil M looked adorable!

I'm with you I much prefer less people. Zilla is the opposite, he was bummed it was just him and I trick or treating this year. So whenever we saw a group of kids, he'd run from house to house with them. So funny!

Good luck with the last of your classes, how exciting! Time sure IS just flying by!

Laraf123 said...

I can't wait to see the pics!