Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another foster

I received a call on Friday to take a foster in who is just 2 years old. She is the child of one of the 20 YO independent living girls who isn't following the rules, I guess. The SW brought her over last night. She's a cutie. We'll call her Baby B here... :)

Lil M seems to be adjusting fairly well, so far! I hope that continues and that she doesn't get too upset here soon, when she realizes that Baby B might be around for a little while. Speaking of which, I do not have any clue of how long she might be here. It could be a few days, weeks or months. She is sleeping in T's old room and doing pretty well.

Lil M woke up not feeling well today. She started with a bit of a congested cough that turned into a fever and then getting sick twice before noon. :( My poor baby. I HATE it when she is sick. Thankfully, it doesn't happen that often. We had to miss the valentine's day party at the gymnastics place today because of it. I was bummed. We had lots of plans for today, all of which changed when she got sick. But it turned out to be a good day, anyway. Just different.

My friend MK brought Lil M an easel from a big store up the way. She also brought us some crackers and bread... and my friend Devi brought the girls Valentine's that she was going to give them today and some clothes and juice. My friends are lifesavers.

Baby B had one bag of clothes. So, I went through Lil M's stuff to see what else might fit. I did find a few things. I could use some prayers for my heart for this one... I have a feeling we'll all get attached here fairly quickly and if she stays awhile, then it'll be hard to see her go. But I do realize this is a foster placement and I have to try to guard my heart a little bit.

One concern I have for her, actually two... is, her verbal skills are not very good for her age, and she has no qualms about calling me Mommy. Though, we've been trying to get her to call me Mimi, so it sounds similar but not quite the same. She's calling me both. I don't want to offend her Mom, nor do I want to confuse her. Some say she's too young to know the difference, but I believe that even at 2 yo (and 4 months), she should *know* who her Mommy is and that I'm just a caregiver right now. I do not know their attachment situation.

Anyway, all is well here. Though, I'm tired! :)



Laraf123 said...

Oh, my goodness, what a challenging position you are in. Of course, once again, I must tell you how I admire you for opening your heart and home to these children. Since my youngest is about to turn 2, it saddens me to think of a little one faced with these changes and uncertainties. Thank goodness for you and the kindness you can show her right now.

Mama Melissa said...

Yes, it is a bit challenging, this one. The baby is great... she's really a sweetie. I can't imagine not having Lil M at that age either... or now, even!

This young lady has been in the system for quite awhile. She did come to see B tonight, and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

The downside is that if the Mom wants to come back into care, and I don't take her, then I will have to give B up (because they will be placed together). I would HATE to see her moved again. It is so traumatizing for children to go through this. But I am not making that decision right now. I'll know more tomorrow and this week.

Baby B wasn't actually any kind of trouble this weekend at all. Of course, it's a schedule change for me and I'm behind on my school work.

And Thanks Lara!! I do still feel like this is where I'm supposed to be, even though it can be hard some days. :)