Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cracker eat.

Baby B has been with us almost a week (tomorrow), and this morning actually said a two word sentence... cracker eat. Ok, so it isn't in the right format, but she tried for the first time! :D Still no idea what's going to happen overall, but hopefully I'll get an update by Tuesday or Wed. of next week.

I'm pretty well pooped this week. Between the weather changes and having another child in the house, my head and allergies are raging. Had a migraine last night, and that is no fun. Needless to say, school is suffering a little this week because of it. Oh well. Try, try again.

I'm also waiting STILL to get my TV fixed. That is starting to grate my nerves.

Lil M is doing well. She seems to like B, but she also really needs some Mommy time.


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