Friday, February 25, 2011

Reunification goal

In foster care reunification is always the goal. So says my SW for this case. In other words, don't get too attached Melissa. Okey dokey. Got it.

Basically, what she was saying is that the mom will likely get her act together and get Baby B back in the next few weeks. Of course, she's got to get visitation back first. So, we shall see. Of course, I think that if the mom can actually get her stuff together and parent, then B should go home. I'm concerned for her long-term situation, but I have no control and have to just give it up to God.

Baby B has been sick since last Friday. She seemed better Sunday, but Monday she had another fever of 101 and I took her to urgent care to get checked out. She is definitely sick...and on antibiotics for 10 days. sheesh.

Lil M is good, and asking when B will be going home. lol. I've been just frankly exhausted this week. It's work regardless, and add illness on top of it ... made for a very long week. Lil M gets to go to Cinderella with her Auntie E tonight. Tomorrow she has a birthday party and gets to go to a makeup class for her gymnastics, since we missed it on Mon due to the Dr and pharmacy stuff.

As for me, I had to take two online exams last weekend for class. Also have to work on a simulation daily for the same class. Then there's regular work. LOL. Oh, and still no TV. :( Really sick of not having a TV. It is work to do my class-work, but it gives me something to do after they go to bed, since I have no TV right now. One more class after this and I'll have a Masters Certificate on my way to completing my degree. :) I like that.

So, my plan tonight and tomorrow... REST. That's my one and only goal. I have fantascially great friends who are going to treat Lil M to some fun stuff... that way I can have one at home and have a chance to get some rest. I can't wait. I want Lil M to have some fun this weekend... it was a long week.

Oh, and T wrote me last night for the first time in over 2 weeks. I hope we can see her and G soon.



Laraf123 said...

I hope you get some rest this weekend. Sounds like Lil M will have lots of fun tomorrow. Poor baby B, she's not had an easy life I'm sure.

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