Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend and ahead

This past weekend was definitely different than I had planned! Baby B is getting settled in and is doing well, so far. She's not potty trained, but is training and did better last night than she had all weekend. Oddly, she'll go number 2 in the potty, but not 1. She finally did both last night in the potty!! I'm not trying to push her, but her Mom says she's potty trained, so I feel like I need to try to offer it to her a few times a day.

Interestingly, when her Mom came to visit, B cried a lot. Part of it, I'm sure is that she misses her Mommy. The odd part was that her Mom couldn't seem to get her to sit on the potty or do anything that I've been able to get her to do all weekend. I'm not sure why that happened. But I'm just paying attention to their interactions.

I was able to distract her when her mom left and get Baby B to bed somewhat reasonably. I'm just trying to follow the same routine I've always followed with Lil M and it seems OK so far!!

Today, I hope to hear something more about the Mom and what my agency's idea is. They had suggested she move in with me... but I need more information before I commit to that. This is why I might only have Baby B for a very short period of time. I am considering it, but not sure what is going to happen yet.

I can see improvements even after a couple of days with B's speech. She said "tinker bell" plain as day yesterday... and when her mom came over she was surprised that B could say that! It was a first, I guess. I can tell that the mom doesn't use full sentences and the techniques I use when I talk to children. Which is ok, but different. So, B is getting used to my directives and such. She's really doing great. :)

Please send up some prayers about how this situation might work out. For Lil M, me and Baby B, too. Lil M asked if B was going to stay with us for awhile, and I said that she probably would... then she said, will she go away sometime, and I said that was likely, too. So, part of it, I've got to make sure Lil M is ok....


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