Monday, March 14, 2011


I got the news today that Baby B will likely go live with her grandparents when they get approved. It could be a few days, or a few weeks. Yes, I'm bummed. But I do know that God is faithful and answers my prayers. The Lord of Hosts will not only be with me and Lil M, but Baby B, as well. I pray for her on her journey, regardless of how much longer she has with me and Lil M. I thank God for every day we've had to be with Baby B and I hope we've been able to give her even the tiniest bit of stability and comfort along her way.

Of course, if something changes and she is able to say... I'd say Amen and Amen.

As for me, I've been given a new job opportunity and am excited about that. I will know more later this week, but should be able to start before the end of the month.

Lil M has been doing really well with sharing and being the big Sis. I know she's been wondering when Bri will go, but I also think she is going to miss having her around. I know I will for sure. She is such the big girl, and is just getting so confident with her gymnastics and stuff. She is learning how to be a good role model to younger kids, and I'm proud of her. :) She is my joy, for sure.

Also, T and baby Gabe came to see us Friday and stayed until Saturday evening. It was great. I know Lil M enjoyed having them here and getting to hold the baby. T is doing OK... I'm hoping she'll get back to her school here this week and graduate in June as planned. I worry, but am hoping if she needs me she'll let me know. She sort of did this weekend... said that she told Scrunch that if she wanted to come stay she would... that she "did live here for a year" ... and basically, that did mean something to her. Of which, you have NO idea how thankful I am. I mean that. I was so excited about the baby and she kept saying... I wasn't givin him up for anything... and I said, of course I'm not!!! :) Mamaw has to hold the baby... that's my job. :D

Lord God, I love my life and thank you every single minute for it.


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Laraf123 said...

You are a blessing to all these children. They take your love with them when they leave your home--that's why you'll never really be out of their lives.