Monday, March 7, 2011

We're better

Knocking on some wood over here... I do believe we've weathered the winter sickies and are better. :) We had a nice weekend. We got to have a playdate with our friends Devi and Tiffany. Stayed in on Saturday... and then yesterday did some shopping. That was the first time I attempted to take both girls shopping... for a few hours. :)

They helped me find a new bed. (Yes, Auntie Ellen... I FINALLLLLLY bought a new bed!!) That was overdue about 8 or more... lol. I didn't go overboard on an expensive one, but it is a pillow-top and seems nice enough. If I have any troubles with it, they said I can call them and exchange it for a different one if I need.

Actually, it was a nice weekend. I didn't (as usual) get nearly enough cleaning done, but we did take a load of stuff to Goodwill yesterday. I got the upstairs TV hooked up and can at least watch DVD's. More to come.

My friend Devi told me I'm less over-protective than she is with her daughter. I laughed. Really?? Seriously? LOL. No... I'm not less over-protective. We just have different things we're paranoid about or won't let our own daughters do. This example is that, I believe that Lil M can be upstairs without me for short periods of time, but she doesn't do that with her daughter. Of course, right now she and her daughter are in a place with only one floor, but she said when she was in her house (tri-level) she would never do that. I explained that I used to put Lil M in her room with a baby gate, because I knew it was safe and I could still hear her. When you are a single parent you need to find ways to get things done sometimes without them being right in the same room. At the same time, I wouldn't let Lil M wear some of the strapless dresses and such without something under them that she does. Even at 4, yes. (Yes, I'm a bit paranoid.)

Lil M seems to really like gymnastics. She's learning how to do a cartwheel. :)

Baby B is doing much better. She's over being sick and is a very sweet little girl. Taking things one day at a time!


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