Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty

Today was a good day. :) I got confirmation about the job I was given an offer for last week. I am very excited! I also heard from MK that her daughter is getting into the school system we both want. She said that this means Mia got in, too... which makes me extremely hopeful. I can't wait to hear. I am still praying she does get in, and full day Kindergarten, too.

What a great, beautiful day.

I had to put in my notice at work, and that's always uncomfortable. But it has to be done. I'm so very thankful that I found (or, should say, it found me!! Thank you, God) a permanent opportunity. I hear it's a family-friendly company. I hope it is. It's a smaller company, but owned by a fortune 500 company. That might be nice. I'm used to working for larger companies... but this is a really great opportunity for me, with the added bonus of being a promotion.

I got the new bed on Tuesday and slept in it last night. Why I can't sleep right now, I'm not sure... because it really was a great day. Watching a little basketball... and going to try again. :)


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