Sunday, March 28, 2010

Matching game

Lil M is learning how to play the matching card game with T. She's doing extremely well, I think... I'm not sure how many a 3 YO should be able to do, but she's able to remember where the different cards are that are turned over and then pick them again after they've been turned down. She's not doing it solely the way you'd normally play, but if she sees the cards first, she does remember quite a lot. :) Very cool.

We're hanging in there after our long week... I dare say that things are mostly back to normal. That also makes me glad.

We went to see Mimi and Chase last night and today. I finally got her wireless working (just hadn't had the time before to do it)... and she made us dinner. We also had some great local pizza last night. T even approved (pizza isn't her favorite thing).

Lil M has been playing dress up in this little white dress for like 2 weeks now. It is quite funny. She cracks me up. ;-)



Tom in Vegas said...

How cute is Mia all dressed up! Always with a smile on her face that's almost too bright to look at directly:0) And she seems to have a good memory! I, on the other hand, don't know where I'm at.

Gosh, I used to love playing dress-up with all my friends. We would spend our time doing each others' hair, make-up, and talk about guys and how STUPID they are. Some times we would even walk on the sidewalk of our neighborhood with high heels and short dresses just to look all grown up. It was a great time to be a kid! However, I'm still perplexed by the memory of that cop who pulled alongside us one sunny afternoon and told us to "Beat it, ladies" through the passenger side of his squad car. I'm not sure why he said that. Hmm...

Anyhoo, what matters is Mia is cute:0)

Beautiful Mess said...

Cute pictures! Way to go Lil M, match away big girl!

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