Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW - school pics

I've started sort of a different tradition than I think other people have... I buy Lil M a new outfit for when she has her school (daycare) pics taken. Maybe it is because they take them so late, here it is March, but I am liking our new tradition and have a plan to keep it going once she's in real school. Most people I know buy their kids new clothes for the beginning of school. But isn't it sort of fun to have a new outfit (or even just shirt) for the picture day? It is the remembrance I'll have for that whole year, after all!! :)

Just my little what Works For Me Wednesday idea...

Lil M hasn't been feeling too well this week (fever night before last and then coughing and bloody nose last night from sneezing). It's also been a very busy week in the M-household... even T said she needs an "M" name and so does Skippy, LOL. So, she's Morrie and he's Mozart (well, or Merle, lol)... and NO I didn't even mention it to her, but it has been said before that we're the M family. ;-)

T had her ACT yesterday and we're both hoping she did better than her pre-ACT's...

Oh, and I got a promotion at work. :D That was good, but others were hurt in the process and I do not like that at all.

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Tom in Vegas said...

Poor Mia. It's crappy to hear she had a bloody nose from sneezing so much (I get white knuckles when I hear stories about kids bleeding. Even if it's just from the sniffles). I sure hope she's feeling better by the time you read this. And I, too, hope T had a knock-out moment with her ACT test.

Make sure you post the pics of Mia in her little dress. I have a feeling that she's going to look even bigger this time than on previous pics:0)

I'll never forget the dress I wore to my sweet sixteen. It was a strapless dress, with beaded bodice and a ballgown skirt. It had tiny floral lace around the waist and a single flower at each elbow. I decided to wear (of course) a chiffon veil to make me look both mysterious and enticing to everyone in the room. My tiara was sparkly and mesmerizing. I don't think there's a princess in this entire world who looked more aristocratic than moi.

Zack was my date that evening. He behaved like a perfect gentleman. Did you know (and I can't see how you would know) that his dad left him and his mom to wander the earth and proclaim the power of chili? He moves from city to city, setting up a folding table on street corners and subway entrances, making chili while proclaiming the salvific and energizing power of this, his favorite dish (yes, he gave out samples). Anyway, back to my dress. It was light-pink up top with darker pink from the waist down. I wore a pair of VERY expensive Dolce & Gabbana pep-toe pumps, with Lurex and metallic leather trim.

Tom in Vegas said...

It should say "peep-toe pumps."

They were feet killers but doggonit, I looked fabulouth.

Remember, sometimes my lisp comes out in my writing and where an "s" would normally go there is a "th".

Mama Melissa said...

Yeah, I don't like it when she get sick... especially fevers, they scare me! But the bloody nose thing sort of sucks too.

I hope T did, too... 'cause she needs it!! :)

What a precious sweet 16 story! I can just picture that dress! LOL ;-) i bet the veil was the best part! i just hope you had that hair problem taken care of before all that glam! *snort*