Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing Name and Coloring

Lil M wrote her name at home all by herself for the first time tonight!!! Woot! :D She was coloring a picture that T had started and after she wrote it, T came and told me and I took a pic! Well, I took a pic after BOTH of them yelled for me to take pictures of them coloring! LOL

So, can you see it? it's on the Right side of the picture. :)

Lil M yells Mommaaaaay (long a sound) for me! It is pretty hysterical. Mommy, come take our picture they both said! But the big thing was that Lil M wrote her name! I'm so darn excited.

The next pics are of Lil M with MK2 at dinner, and at school.

Lil M and Mommy the morning of school pics.

Coloring is some serious business! :)

And, last but not least... my silly girls at the store with birthday hats on! "Just Because". T found them and thought they were cute... and just had to have one! So, I decided it was a good photo op! LOL

If one of those didn't make you smile... then, you're really having a bad day. ;-) And I hope that isn't the case!

We had a pretty laid back weekend. I didn't do nearly as much as I probably should have, but that's OK. T is on spring break this week and Lil M and I are going out of town for a couple of days... well, after I go back to court with Sis again for the thing against that woman who threatened her. Praying we get justice and she gets what she deserves.



Tom in Vegas said...

The best of luck to your sister in this recent court date. Hopefully something good will come of it and get some needed peace in her life (and in yours too). If it's not too personal to post, do write and update about the outcome of the hearing.

My favorite picture, hands down, is the third one. That pic sums-up quite nicely the inherent innocence of children:0) Keep that one safely tucked away so Mia can recall her childhood when she's all grown up (oh, and the 4th pic as well). T looked like she was having quite a bit of fun with Mia.

So Mia spelled her own name? WOW! Smart baby:0) I'll bet she would have never spelled ball with two b's;0) She and T look like they may good partners-in-crime (I mean this in a good way) and know how to have fun with each other.

BTW, who is "Scrunchy"? Is this person related to Scruffy from Scruffy and the Flasher? Or is this name part of some anonymous graffiti that someone left on you fridge? Don't panic when I tell you this, but me tinks the person responsible might have come from the inside.

Again, ddon't panic. We can ssolve this mystery ttogether. I've wwatched lots and lots of Scooby-Doo and because of that exposure, I've bbecome pproficient in mystery ssolving.


Mama Melissa said...

tom, hahahahahahaha. :)

yes, i will write about the court stuff as soon as i can. it's been interesting so far, and i just pray it goes well. who knows.

Mia can spell her own name, no joke. :) She can spell Mia. and also our last name too, almost all the way by herself!! She even has a couple of times by herself. We've been working on Mia is her First Name and H. is her Last name... :) It is awesome. She can also count backwards from 8, and is working on doing it from 10.

OK, I know... I brag!!! :)

Yes, they play well together. It is nice. I love the pics, too. I also have little teeny-weeny videos to post sometime.

Lil M wouldn't spell bball with two b's. She'd get it right. ;-)

As far as Scrunch(y)... he's T's boyfriend... that's his nickname!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA. She calls him Scrunchy-Poo... and Lil M likes him and calls him Scrunch or Scrunchy-Poo too. It is HYSTERICAL. (his name is Josh, actually). But, GOOD CATCH. ;-)


Tom in Vegas said...

I know that bball means basketbell, but if I don't harangue you about it I'm letting an opportunity go by:0)

Also, when I wrote Mia was a smart baby because she can spell her own name I was being quite serious. With you teaching her so much stuff, I'm not one bit surprised.

Ccan't wait ffor the vvideo. Little Mia and ffriends having a ggod time ttogether. :0)

Mama Melissa said...

i thought you might be joking since her name is so short. :)

and i knew you knew that i meant basketball. ;-) your baseball comments were funny.

seriously. you crack me up!!! and i love it!

T laughed at your Scruncy comments, too. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Way to go lil M!!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I love that the girls wore birthday hats just because, that's awesome!

T is beautiful, btw. Not sure if I've seen a picture of her before.

Enjoy your day, love.