Sunday, March 28, 2010

Matching game

Lil M is learning how to play the matching card game with T. She's doing extremely well, I think... I'm not sure how many a 3 YO should be able to do, but she's able to remember where the different cards are that are turned over and then pick them again after they've been turned down. She's not doing it solely the way you'd normally play, but if she sees the cards first, she does remember quite a lot. :) Very cool.

We're hanging in there after our long week... I dare say that things are mostly back to normal. That also makes me glad.

We went to see Mimi and Chase last night and today. I finally got her wireless working (just hadn't had the time before to do it)... and she made us dinner. We also had some great local pizza last night. T even approved (pizza isn't her favorite thing).

Lil M has been playing dress up in this little white dress for like 2 weeks now. It is quite funny. She cracks me up. ;-)


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This week has been a little different around here. T decided yesterday she was bored and wanted out of the house... and so left without permission. That did not go over well with me, as you can imagine. Not only did it make me late for a training class, but I had no idea where she was or when she was coming back. Not good.

So, I told her to come up with what she felt was a reasonable consequence. I got that list today, and it was more complaining 'punishment' list than anything. So, I changed it. The biggest part is for her to tell me what she thinks is a reasonable agreement for her to spend time with friend and such. The second is to tell me how she plans to be responsible, in addition to contacting me appropriately (like text, phone call, note). The third is how she plans to re-build the trust she's thrown out the window.

Let's see how that goes.

For now, I told her to put her cell phone (the one she didn't use to tell me where she was at) on the kitchen counter for the night. I will decide for how long that will last.

That's like cutting off an appendage. Or so they'd like you to believe.

What I did point out is what I did do vs. what I could have done. I could have called the police. I didn't. Instead, I called her. She told me she doesn't trust me (she hasn't known me that long)... and yet, she thinks that I should let her run around without knowing where she is, who her friends are or when she'll be home, etc. Um. NO. Not only that, but she was going to watch Lil M so I could get this training in. She completely disregarded that. I asked her if it would be acceptable for me to blow off a mandatory (or any, for that matter) training or appointment she had. ......... Uh, yeah. I didn't think it would be. (that was silence, if you couldn't tell.)

So, things here are fine, but the apple cart has been jostled a bit this week. Part of me wonders if it isn't because she is upset we were gone for a few days. Or if something else is going on. Or if she's just decided she wants to be out and to hell with the consequences. I hope we figure it out, though.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and Back

Lil M and I went on a little vacation this week to N. Orleans. We had a very nice trip. We left Wed evening and got back today. We got to have some nice dinner on Thurs of catfish and shrimp and then we went to get Begnets (french donuts with lots of sugar) and coffee. It was very nice. We also got to see the Immigrants statue and I had Lil M sit on it and take a picture with Nonni.

Other than that, we just hung out and relaxed. Watched lots of boats go by on the great Mississippi and sat on the porch in rocking chairs a lot. It was gorgeous down there.

The only bad thing that happened was that Lil M got sick today in the car on the way to the airport. She's better now, but that sucked. I was told she is definitely a Mommy's girl (uh yeah), and that she is very secure with me (she was able to go to the potty in the house without me and with the door closed... even in the new environment. same with going to bed the last two nights. she would go to sleep without me, knowing i'd be up later). So, that was very nice to hear!! :) She does have difficulty not talking when others are talking, though, 'cause she is used to having all of mommy's attention most of the time (except when we're with T, but that seems to be different). So, we worked on that some more.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing Name and Coloring

Lil M wrote her name at home all by herself for the first time tonight!!! Woot! :D She was coloring a picture that T had started and after she wrote it, T came and told me and I took a pic! Well, I took a pic after BOTH of them yelled for me to take pictures of them coloring! LOL

So, can you see it? it's on the Right side of the picture. :)

Lil M yells Mommaaaaay (long a sound) for me! It is pretty hysterical. Mommy, come take our picture they both said! But the big thing was that Lil M wrote her name! I'm so darn excited.

The next pics are of Lil M with MK2 at dinner, and at school.

Lil M and Mommy the morning of school pics.

Coloring is some serious business! :)

And, last but not least... my silly girls at the store with birthday hats on! "Just Because". T found them and thought they were cute... and just had to have one! So, I decided it was a good photo op! LOL

If one of those didn't make you smile... then, you're really having a bad day. ;-) And I hope that isn't the case!

We had a pretty laid back weekend. I didn't do nearly as much as I probably should have, but that's OK. T is on spring break this week and Lil M and I are going out of town for a couple of days... well, after I go back to court with Sis again for the thing against that woman who threatened her. Praying we get justice and she gets what she deserves.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW - school pics

I've started sort of a different tradition than I think other people have... I buy Lil M a new outfit for when she has her school (daycare) pics taken. Maybe it is because they take them so late, here it is March, but I am liking our new tradition and have a plan to keep it going once she's in real school. Most people I know buy their kids new clothes for the beginning of school. But isn't it sort of fun to have a new outfit (or even just shirt) for the picture day? It is the remembrance I'll have for that whole year, after all!! :)

Just my little what Works For Me Wednesday idea...

Lil M hasn't been feeling too well this week (fever night before last and then coughing and bloody nose last night from sneezing). It's also been a very busy week in the M-household... even T said she needs an "M" name and so does Skippy, LOL. So, she's Morrie and he's Mozart (well, or Merle, lol)... and NO I didn't even mention it to her, but it has been said before that we're the M family. ;-)

T had her ACT yesterday and we're both hoping she did better than her pre-ACT's...

Oh, and I got a promotion at work. :D That was good, but others were hurt in the process and I do not like that at all.

Please go here for other WFMW great ideas!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring fever

I have a headache today, probably due to the big weather shift... it is much warmer today than it has been in quite awhile. It would be great to get out and do stuff, but T has got to keep studying for her ACT this coming week. So, while we all have a touch of spring fever, we'll probably go get her phone paid and then come back and stay in...

Please send up a prayer for T and this test on Tuesday... she needs to bring her score up from what she got on the practice tests, because if not she'll have to take it again. Ugh.

Lil M is doing well. She's anxious for all this to be over, too, I can tell.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two Simple Ways to Be a Happier Parent on Yahoo! Health

Here is a good article on how to be a happier parent:

Two Simple Ways to Be a Happier Parent on Yahoo! Health

Like the article says, is seems surprisingly simple... it says:

For instance, would you like to know the one thing that will make children do better in school, help them have fewer emotional problems, and make them less likely to become obese or have drug or alcohol problems? Eat dinner together as a family.

I think that making sure we sit down to dinner together on a more regular basis is a great idea, something that I grew up doing and have really gotten away from. This is not the first time I have read this recommendation, but it is the first time I have seen anything that implies it could help prevent children from becoming obese or have alcohol problems... it makes sense.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skaters and the Eiffel Tower

Skating on Saturday...

At school (daycare) last week they made an Eiffel tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks... kind of fun. I've decided to start taking pics of stuff like this that can't be kept permanently. Cute idea, though, and Lil M seemed to enjoy it!Peace.

New Boy

T started talking to me again last night. We didn't discuss how the weekend went or any of that, nor did she study for her ACT, but she did ask me if she could date the boy she likes. (which is a good sign, in and of itself if you think about it)

I said, well, I needed to know what she meant by dating him... what changes if I say she can or can't date him? Or what changes if she does date him? She said didn't say much, other than it wasn't for anything physical and that she's cared about him for awhile. Then she said she wanted to read to me the letters he'd written to her over a year ago when they were both in the alternative school.

She even waited around while I worked (getting some work caught up from being out of the office for awhile in the afternoon), so she could read me the letters.

The letters were nice enough, though there was a little bit of interesting information to be gotten from them... apparently, said boy has had his own wild side and been a bit depressed, too. So, I asked her if he was doing better, and she said yes. I also told her that it is not in her best interest to date someone who doesn't have the same goals as she does.

This young man, who seems nice enough, didn't graduate HS. He will need to complete his GED in order to go into the military or to college. He did tell me that he wants to go to college. So, I told T that she needs to watch out and see if he makes movement toward those goals. Otherwise, if she does finish up and go to college... there might be some bad feelings between them sooner or later about their life differences. Maybe not. But, I wanted to make sure she thinks about these things before jumping into something at the age of 17. Right?

I did tell her it was OK for her to 'date' him. I will be keeping a close eye on what this means and what it turns into, though. You can be assured of that. I am the meanest Mommy, remember?!! ;-)

As for the other stuff, well, we'll have to get into that this week. I have not let her off the subject completely, I'm just giving us a little bit of breathing room from the upset this weekend.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Meanest Mom

This weekend I do believe that I got the Meanest Mom award... not only would I not let Lil M chew on a puzzle piece, I also wouldn't let T spend the night with her sister to take care of her 3 nieces/nephews... at the last minute... on a whim. Nope.

Here's the deal. First, Lil M does not usually put things in her mouth... that I've ever seen. Yesterday, apparently she thought it was a good idea to chew on a puzzle piece (no, she's not teething, she's 3.5 YO and has all of her teeth)... so, I took them all away. Oi. Needless to say, Mommy was pretty upset.

Saturday, T went for a home visit. About 45 minutes before my going to pick her up she called and said her sister asked if she could stay and watch her kids for her. How long?, I asked. Oh, until tomorrow morning.... uh. what?! NO. First, it's 3 children, two of which are under the age of 3. Second, don't come to me with such short notice and call me in front of your sister and ask. Then, she said that Sis didn't ask her, she offered to help her sister. OK, see my 2nd point then. Call me first. I realize I don't rate in comparison, but here's the thing - I am currently the one responsible. So, it is my decision to make.

Then T said something about calling the SW to get her to say it was OK, to which I responded it wasn't up to her. It was up to me. And I say no.

I did, however, give her two other options. One, have her sister bring said kiddos over to our house and she could watch them over night. Which, btw, is pretty generous, if you ask me. Or, she could babysit but only until 10pm, not overnight. The sister said No. That her kids' stuff was at her house and they needed to be watched there. Ok. Well... free babysitting overnight... I'm thinking if I wanted to go out, I'd take it. I guess she didn't want to go out that bad. Or... well, it was more true that T had offered and Sis didn't really care to begin with.

Here's the other thing... I had let T have a boy over last weekend for several hours. He even came to eat with us. Then, I let her go out on Friday night for a little while with this guy and she was late getting home (she did send me a text saying he lost the keys - they're in the middle of moving, but still)....

So, I've been getting the silent treatment. Oh, and she hasn't studied at all for the ACT this weekend, like she said she would. She didn't come out of her room except to go to the bathroom in 24 hours.

When she asks me to pay for her phone this week, that will also be a No. Why? Because I'm a mean Mom. But I will get the point across that I am the Mom. I make the decisions around here. That... is very important.