Thursday, November 6, 2008

Single Mom by Circumstance

I'm so proud of my son. Today, at his parent-teacher conference, I found out that he made the honor roll (again!). He has come a long way since his father and I separated. I know he's only in the 3rd grade, but hopefully he will always enjoy learning as much as he does now.

His dad and I were together for roughly 12 years, that's a long time. And I know it was supposed to be forever... but sometimes you just can't control the direction a relationship will take. I wasn't prepared for this new direction, and I doubt that most people who decide to get divorced are prepared for what they are in for. By the time this is all over, it will have taken almost as long as it took my sister to go through the adoption process... I think she ended up with the better deal, ha!

Either way, we both ended up with children to raise. And I pray that they both become emotionally healthy, well educated adults. Mia is probably the happiest 2 year old around & with her naturally calm disposition I am sure she is going to flourish. Plus, I'm already seeing some positive signs with my son. He told me three times this morning that he loved me, and he went on and on about how much he liked my spaghetti tonight... even went as far to say that he liked it better than his dad's. And in his 8 year old eyes, his dad does everything better than anyone, so that is saying something!

So tonight, as celebration for his making the honor roll, we got out the "death by chocolate" ice cream and made hand-made milkshakes... the kind where you put the ice cream in a cup, add milk and stir - yum!

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"MissMeliss" said...

YEAH!!!! I'm so proud!!! Thank you for posting, and what a great post! :)

I'm so proud of Chase. You know he's been the light of my life since he was born. I'm glad he's starting to come around a little!! I'm sure you were THRILLED with the compliment!!

Love ya. xoxo