Monday, November 10, 2008

Space heaters

Mindy and I went to the store this weekend and got space heaters. I had already purchased an ambient one, and really like it in my bedroom. It's really nice for spot heating. The ceramic one we got for downstairs works really nicely, too.

However, when I came into work this morning and told the guys in my office about them, one said that they thought I won't save any money this winter by using space heaters. Hm. Well. I really think Mindy will, because OIL is very expensive for her house. But I use traditional electric.

Then, I read some articles that said they are a fire hazard, and not to sleep with one on in the room. Ugh. So, now I'm not sure what to think. I think that men might know more about this sort of thing, just by the fact that they've been taught more. And now, again, I've got to do some more research!!! I do think that they will benefit me by not having to turn up the heat as much until bed time. So, that could be several hours a day. So, let's see.....


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ellen said...

Yes, space heaters are not an efficient heat source & they're a fire hazard. Personally the only place I've ever used one is in the bathroom to warm it up before taking a shower. There are so many flammable things in a house!

If you have a particular room that seems colder than the rest of the house or that you just use more & want to be warmer, your home probably has "dampers" on the ducts that you can adjust so that more or less heat is directed to a particular area of the house. Here's a link to an article showing a picture of what the damper would look like.