Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, my nephew has had some anger management issues since he was really little. Even in daycare he had some trouble handling his own feelings... well, last week he got himself in trouble at school. I really feel for my sister because she is making progress with him, but as soon as he goes back to his dad's house, he gets negative input and goes right back to handling his anger in inappropriate ways. Talking back to adults, rude, hitting, threatening... I REALLY hope she can get full custody next time they go back to court. He really needs to be with his Mom. She worries, though, because finances are tight. What she doesn't always see (i don't think, 'cause we're hardest on our own selves) , is that she's a great Mom. I think she's starting to realize that, though, because he *does* do so much better when he's been with her for a couple of days, even.

Mia and I are doing well. I'm excited to have a long weekend this coming weekend. We had a play-date with a friend of mine (Mary-Kelly) and her daughter MK2. It was TOOOOO cute seeing them play together. I've been considering number 2. I put in a request for information about Bulgaria and Nepal, but they are VERY small programs and I'm not sure how likely it will be. I also worry that two children might be too much for me. Or I'll have a difficult second child. No offense to my nephew (sis and i have talked about it)... Not sure if I can afford all that, either... but definitely praying and thinking about it all.

We've got a pretty good schedule and I'm loving my new job. Especially how close it is to home. It's amazing how much extra time we have together. Mia is talking even more these days, of course. She says lots of short sentences... she even made up a pretend bubble maker last night. She's a very fun child. :) I just love her to pieces.

Speaking of love, it is interesting how this past year (plus) has been. When we first came home, I was TERRIFIED. Ask my sister!! Terrified!! I cried and worried... but I enjoyed Mia from day one. These past few months have been so amazing. She has this great smile and so many qualities, even at the age of 2!! I just love it when she says Mommy, Mommy, Mommy..... Mommy!!! We laugh and play and she'd rather sit with me than do most anything else. It's a gift. And she has my heart.. was there any question? But it seems like it is more and more every day, even. Amazing. And she's mine. :)


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