Monday, December 14, 2009


So, I never thought about how much my grandmother actually helped us when we were little. Today, I went to buy a bed to put in the 2nd bedroom. It was $249 (including tax and delivery)... for a twin bed - mattress, box springs and metal frame. No headboard.

Then, I remembered that when we were young, my grandmother went out and bought Sis and I brand new beds... twin beds with mattresses, frames and box springs... AND headboards. TWO of them. Egad. I have to wonder what that set her back. And, for this moment, I'm so thankful. Maybe she paid it forward so I would someday. :)

Of course, we were family and she always did right by us and my Mom. But still. She always had to do double. Think on that for a bit. :)

Now, I need to go get some extra sheets, a water-proof mattress pad (just in case) and maybe a bed skirt. I remember our beds always being decked out. Now I understand the appeal.

Sort of scary that I bought a bed for a potential-child before I spent the money on one for me. I've had the same bed my step-mother gave me 20 years ago, and it was used then... HOW SAD, huh???? LOL

So, next year it is important for me to save up for my own new bed. WITH a headboard ('cause I don't have one of those right now either). And maybe a new TV. ;-)


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Beautiful Mess said...

WHEW! You've had a crazy few days! Sorry you didn't get the little girl. Glad you're ready if/when you do get a placement! If you have a Ross or TJ Maxx in your area those are THE best places for bedding. I got Zilla and nae sheets for their beds for less then $20. I also got a comforter for Nae for $15.00, super cute too! Good luck finding some cute/cheap bedding.