Sunday, December 20, 2009

Worn out...

So, I did get my first foster placement today. It's been a long day! We met her about 2pm and went straight to the store to get her a few things. I'm sure we'll do that a couple more times this week until she gets settled. But so far, so good. She is, in fact, a 17 year old girl, and she's taller than me. lol. She seems nice. Let's see how we do this week, it'll be an adjustment for all of us for sure.

My dad has wanted us to go see Christmas lights tonight, and I left it up to T as to whether or not she wanted us to go. She said she did, so we made the drive. It was freezing cold out, but we all had fun. I left my camera in the trunk of the car, and only got some pics on my phone, which was a bummer, oh well.

She's off this week from school, so I'm going to let her stay at the house during the day without us. Trust-building for sure. lol. I think she'll do ok. She's already talking about getting stuff more organized around here. Too funny. :) Hey, if it makes her comfortable, more power to her!!

Will write more later.