Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back on the Run

I ran one day last week, 3.1 miles... and then tonight I ran 3.6 and did pilates for 15 minutes. I'll probably hurt a bit tomorrow... but it was good to get a good run in. Even if I can get this done a couple of times a week right now, I'd be very happy. :)

This week has been OK so far... I bought Lil M a Christmas dress over the weekend, and it'll be neat to see her wear it. I should have bought it earlier, since we already went to a Christmas party, but that's ok. :) Her dress came with a doll dress that matches, hehe, and now I've got to figure out which doll can wear it!! That's going to be adorable. Ok, I'll step back from the adoring gushy mommy moment here. lol

It feels like it's been a long week and it's only Tue night. I can't believe Christmas is almost here... the lady at daycare laughed (not meanly) at me because I said that part of Lil M's gifts will be from me and some from Santa... but mostly from me. :) She thinks I'm nuts. You know... go with the flow Melissa. It's JUST SANTA. ;-) Seriously, she wasn't being mean, and she didn't say all that.... but I could tell she was probably thinking it.



Beautiful Mess said...

We always give the kids the "big" things from Santa. He gets a lot of credit around here. I don't mind though, it makes their eyes sparkle and I love watching that. Every family is different and that is OK! Just do what you want to and it'll be just fine.

I can't wait to see pictures if her in her dress. I do get to see pictures right?!
P.S. THREE MILES?! Good Lord woman! That's a long run, good for you!

Tom in Vegas said...

So you have a second blog? Wow. How do you do it? I can scarcely keep maintained the one I have.

I love the decor here! I like the pink flamingo lamp in the living room, as well as the runny nose soap dispenser by the kitchen. Say, that six foot inflatable Marlin has a certain bodily charm with its spear-snout jabbed to the side of the wall. Quite lovely. And the “Nice Underwear” floor mat just outside the front door is to die for!

What’s that? Do I want something to drink? Oh no, thank you. I don’t touch gorilla snot until after 6 pm my local time. But you can have a glass if you like. I don’t mind;0) Would you be upset if I put my feet up on this foot-shaped coffee table and study the Super Mario Brother’s wallpaper?

Lil’ M looks cute on whatever blog she’s on.

I’ll stay away from this blog so I can limit my damage to the other one I make an a** of myself.

MissMeliss said...

welcome Tom!!! you are TOO funny. yeah, after i came home... i decided maybe i should make one not china specific... however, i just can't seem to leave it. :) so, i trade off...

D, ooooh, i can't wait to get her in that dress. i think she's going to love it! plus, the doll dress part. hehe. OF COURSE I'll TAKE PICS!!! :)

Oh, and 3 miles... that is nothing like i used to do, but it is definitely good. thanks. :) i'll take it any day!