Saturday, December 26, 2009

More time

Christmas was good. Lil M, *T* and I went to my sister's for Christmas Eve and Day. *T* said it was the best Christmas she'd ever had, and that she's never gotten so many gifts. Then she said, it was unfortunate that she couldn't have had that kind of Christmas with her own Mom. I agreed. I am glad, though, that she enjoyed being with us for Christmas. That was my biggest goal... to make her holiday a nice one. And, it wasn't just about me and what I did... it was all of my friends and family. They were absolutely wonderful to her...

She's been moving things around the house and trying to get her room set to her likes. Apparently, she likes to move things around a lot. I don't. But I'm trying to accommodate her on that as much as I can. Some things, I just won't budge, though.

Lil M seems to be getting used to the idea that T is here and she seems to like her. Speaking of Lil M. She had a great Christmas. She got so wound up by shopping, wrapping presents and then getting a TON of presents...and then hanging out with everyone. She was wired for sound. I had to try to get her to come down a notch today, and will again tomorrow I think. She also needs to realize that even though T is nice, she still has to listen to me. I'm law around here.

I've asked the foster agency to give me more time until I have to decide if I'm going to take placement of *T*. Everything is fine so far, except she was 1/2 hour late getting back from her home visit tonight. I told her she gets one and only one warning. There is no excuse for being late, and to me that shows lack of respect/trust. On the plus side, she did call (5 minutes late)... and they gave me some excuse that her Mom needed gas. To which I replied, it doesn't take a 1/2 hour to get gas.

I guess I'm concerned mostly that I do not have teenager experience and she's going to try to run over me. There is a lot less control with a teenager than there is with a toddler. And I'd expect that... but I'm not sure if I'm really equipped to handle it. On the flip side... it couldn't hurt her to be with a woman like me for awhile. She might not like my rules... but in the long run, I think she might realize that there really are women (like me) out there who are independent thinkers and doers. And that she doesn't have to cave into a lifestyle her family brought her into.

Also, I realize I could make the decision on Monday. And that T only needs placement until October, so it's not a several year prospect, just a few months. Which does ease my mind, a bit. I'm going to see how this goes, and if it goes well, I could likely do it again. If not, then I might take a break for awhile.

Please send up some prayers.


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Beautiful Mess said...

I'm glad things seem to be going well with T and yourself. I don't have a teenager, but I know that it's a give and take. Nae is 12 and as long as she doesn't give me reason to NOT trust her, then I don't. I ask a TON of questions, though. I don't drill her, but when we're doing something together, I always ask her about what's going on with her. Who she's talking to and such. When I leave it casual like that, she always opens up. I have no doubt in my mind you'll do great with T. You're a great example of a woman she could be some day.

I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. Have a wonderful new year, too!