Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WFMW - coffee online

Today is Works For Me Wednesday... so, please go check out some great ideas from other bloggers.

My WFMW thought today is about coffee. I love coffee. But, I don't always like the coffee at the grocery store. Sis started on Boca Java last year, which is an online coffee company, and I actually like their coffee really well. So, this year, I've been ordering coffee online, on an 8-week schedule. Just one or two packs at a time, but it is convenient and I like it. :) So, that's what's been working for me. Kind of a little thing, but it takes the thought of what kind of coffee I'll have to get from the grocery, or go to a specialty store.



Christy said...

I have several things I order like that - just makes life easier when you don't have to think about it! Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. Your daughter is beautiful.

Jelli Bean said...

I am giving away some Costa Rican coffee this week. You may like that?

Beautiful Mess said...

I can't order special coffee because Dirty is boring and likes Folgers. I like it too, but I also have taste and like flavored coffees.

Hmmmm what works for me....boiling my chicken and pork. It does take some of the taste out of it, but it's A LOT easier to shred after it's been boiled. Plus you can't really taste the difference once it's in enchiladas.

MissMeliss said...

ooooh free coffee. i forgot to send you a response earlier... must do that now!! :)

D, dirty... well, he needs to get out more. ;0) hazlenut is a good start!! hahaha