Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

So, Lil M is working on potty training... for her/us, this has been a long-term committed effort and not a "weekend" deal. In other words, I didn't take a 3-5 day concentrated time period and say that she WAS going to be potty trained then and only then. I decided to do this in stages.

First, we got rid of the diapers during the day. Kept them during naptime and bedtime. (right at age 2)

Then, got rid of them during naptime. (probably 2 and 2 months or so?)

Then moved to pull-ups for nighttime only. (maybe only a week or so of pull-ups during naptime, so also 2.2 yr old?)

Now, we're out of pull-ups for nighttime... (3yr and 2 mo) and attempting to stay dry both day and night!! :) So, we've been doing this for about 2 weeks now (almost). I ask her if she wants to wear a pull-up and she says no. So, I say... well, you know you need to not go pee in the bed or in your pants. Ok, she says.

The latest conversation last night...

Me - Do you need to wear a pull-up?
Mia - no
Mia - no Mia pee in the bed (don't you love it when 3 YO's talk about themselves in 3rd person?) lol
Me - you're right!! :)

So, SHE said it to me first. :) She's definitely getting it... understanding and accepting that's she's not going to have an accident in her bed. She has had two overnight accidents last week (from memory)... otherwise, we're doing pretty well, so far! At least she seems to be understanding the goal, though!

I will say that I am one of "those" Mommy's that limits what she drinks in the evening, after like 6pm. I have an easy-going child, so I can do that. Others can't. Since she's been dry for a few nights now, I eased up a snad last night, and let her have a little more to drink. :) Which I will continue to do, as she gets better and better. And don't get me wrong, this is just after 6pm, to encourage nighttime dryness.

So, there you have it.



Beautiful Mess said...

Potty training can be so difficult! Sounds like you both got it down pretty well! Nice work! It took us awhile to get Zilla to catch on to the understanding of it. Mia is a smart girl ;o)

MissMeliss said...

yeah, well, last week she totally regressed... it was a rough week, especially after i had just written she was doing so well!! go figures!