Sunday, November 29, 2009

Unplugged and back...

I took a few days off computer-land... Had a great Thanksgiving with my family. I hope all of my family and friends had a great Thanksgiving, too. ...and, now I'm back! :)

We had two turkey dinners Thursday, then went through the black-friday ads and to Meijer (to see if we could pick up a friday ad, but they wouldn't give us one). We went shopping at 1am... to Toys R Us.


Have you ever attempted black-friday? or Toys R Us on a black-friday? lol it was nuts... but we got what we wanted and it wasn't terrible. The line to check-out took us about 2 hours to get through, but Sis stood in line with our stuff while her friend and I continued to gather loot. :) We all got what we went there for, so that was a huge success.

There was one lady, however, who brought her infant child (yes, a baby) to the store in the middle of the night... and we all thought she was beyond nuts (and, yes, in a bad way). As we were walking out... and I was carrying (ssssh, don't tell Lil M) a toy kitchen set, that was about 4 feet tall (and i'm only 5 ft tall!! it was just really long, but lightweight)... i accidentally walked into said woman's "baby carriage", as she called it... i just barely bumped it and the woman went ballistic. OMG. That was bad.

(btw, the stroller got it... on wheels...and i didn't touch the actual baby... but you would have thought i hit the baby the way she yelled at me and threatened me!)

Other than that... not too many crazies out.

We hit another local anchor store in the mall and were done with our shopping by 6:30am or so. And we did good. Really well, actually.

Anyway, did you know LEGOS are so expensive one must almost mortgage their house, give an arm or leg or first born child to buy them? Ok... i exaggerate... but some of those kits are like $100 or more!! We got them for $59 and $42 (sis and i both bought one for my nephew... again... SHHHH!!! LOL) .... i hope he likes them! sheeesh.

We did not, however, go to Walmart. There is a new one in town (just moved from an older building to a newer one) and you would think that place was selling crack it was so popular. The ENTIRE parking lot was full. That. That, is no exaggeration. Our friend went in to get the $3 pajamas... and walked right out. She said the line was so long that it was absolutely not worth it. So, we left. (which, btw, we knew was going to be the case... they were even giving people parking tickets for parking along the back because there were no spots. Good Grief!!)

I got lots of other cool things for Lil M... and I'm sure she will like them. :D

Let's see...what else. I got caught up on a couple of my shows.. Law & Order SVU and The Good Wife (new this season, and really, really good!!).

Sis and I had a couple of excellent talks this weekend about our formative years and memories (or lack thereof)... and Christianity. Not in that order. lol And had some good quality family time. I'm blessed, that's for sure... Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout-out to her friend Brian for watching the kids for the night so we could go shopping. :) He's a good man. Lil M had an absolute blast playing with Chase and his kids. I think she wore them out!!! :)


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Beautiful Mess said...

Oh you are a brave brave brave soul going to Toys R Us at 1am!!! Goodness!!! I'm glad you had a good time, despite crazy lady, and got all kinds of goodies!