Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Hermit

I found the online FB tarot program today... and this is what it said for me for "yesterday" specifically:

The Hermit
Time for convalescence. Need to be alone with one's own thoughts. Need to cultivate oneself before interacting with others. Focus on inner wisdom. Loneliness. Emotional separation from others or oneself. Time to draw one's world in and simply exist for a while. Separation from partner for one's own mental health. Quiet is needed. Wisdom of older male coming into focus. Seek counsel of wise ones around you. Seeker of truth. Caution. Detachment. Prudence.

I'd say that was pretty darn accurate. I only did this for fun, btw, I don't put too much stock into tarot cards... but the ones for today were dead-on right.

Today's talks about volunteering... which is good because this is National Adoption Month, and I have been trying to encourage others to look at adoption and foster care and sponsoring children in need.

Six of Cups
Focus on kindness to others. Time to volunteer in your community or give your attention to a project that needs your unique talents. Someone close to you needs your help and assistance. Harmony. Stability. Time to appreciate what you bring to other's lives. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Possible philanthropy. Surround yourself with beauty. Contentment. Engaging in play with others.


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