Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fell out

Well, Lil M seems to like her new bed OK. She, however, did fall out of it last night. So, I had to put up the extra rail I had (a temporary side-rail you can use on any size bed)... and that seemed to help. She, unfortunately, had two accidents, also. Oh well. We'll get there sooner or later.

I didn't get any more baking done today, but will probably tomorrow. I also didn't take Lil M to see that movie yet, but might also go tomorrow. We'll see. I really want to see it, but just didn't feel like going out.

I specifically want to make some oatmeal chocolate chip (coconut?) cookies... that'd be a treat. :)



Beautiful Mess said...

Nae always fell out of her toddler bed! We ended up having to use a mesh rail for a really long time. Also it's perfectly normal for her to have an accident or two during the transition. She'll get the hang of it, no worries.

Mmmmm cookies! I need to get started on my baking. First I need to get my finals over and done with!

MissMeliss said...

that's the kind i have for her... a mesh rail. it's work OK so far!

i figured it was normal for her to have an accident or two... (she had two in one night, which NEVER happens)... of course, i wasn't expecting it to happen the first night! LOL but it's ok.

yep, cookies... think i'm going to make some today or tomorrow. :)

yes, get your finals done!! :D you're doing amazing! i bet you'll be happy when this term is over!