Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It Smells Delicious, Mommy

Happy Thanksgiving (eve)... I baked some more today, so I could use up the last of my pumpkin and so we would have some yummy treats for tomorrow. I got home a bit early and started the bread. Then I went to get Lil M. When we walked in the door, she said... "It smells Delicious, Mommy"!! :) That's my girl!! What a way to make a Mommy feel good, that's for sure!!

I ended up making 4 loaves of bread (one sweet and 3 not as sweet - but my favorite, so far), some muffins and two pies. The pies are a little overdone, I'm afraid. But, it was my first attempt in probably 8 years or more to make them from scratch (ok, except the crust). I wasn't convinced they were done, but apparently, they were! Oh well. Hopefully, they'll taste good anyway.

The muffins were a little bit of an experiment, too. I tried one and they were fine, but not quite as big or fluffy as I had hoped. C'est la vie. Such is life. lol.

Anyway, I am extremely thankful for my daughter and our life together. I am also thankful for my family and friends. May God bless you and keep you all your days.

Gobble, gobble... and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!



Billy said...

Happy Thanksgiving :-).

Beautiful Mess said...

Happy Thanksgiving, love! Have a wonderful day. Sending you much love and peace.