Wednesday, October 28, 2009

color change

I changed the color of my blog... the other one was feeling a bit drab... wonder if anyone will notice or care?!! :) (also, don't be surprised if i change it back...)

Also, I know that I say that Sis will post, but she's really only ever posted once. I will certainly try to get her to post again, but for now... you're stuck with ME!

Today, I met some guys that I used to work with for lunch at a local Pizza place... YUM. It was good catching up with them.

Tonight, Lil M and I will be having our 3rd play-date this week. We're on a roll... mostly, 'cause Mommy doesn't want to sit at the house and mope. (ok, well, technically... last night was just dinner and the night before we were attempting to put the toddler bed together, but play-dates sounded more fun.) It will be great to see Carol and her daughter Kate tonight. Hopefully, I'll remember to take my camera and get a pic or two. :)


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Beautiful Mess said...

Your blog looks beautiful! You should just tell your sis to email you about something random and then paste in on your

Lil M is such a great kid! I love that she's so determined to do this night thing. Good for her! Although her strong will might not be so cute when she's a teenager ;o)