Monday, October 26, 2009

Temporary Placement

I thought I might have an emergency, temporary foster placement today... it was going to be 3 kiddos (5,3,1)... and, again, it was just temporary. But I did try to get ready for it, and now I'm a little sad that they won't be coming. They were placed with a different family, which is fine.

What happens is that the Agency calls me to see if I will accept a placement. When I say yes, they send my homestudy to the State Agency Worker... and that person gets more than one homestudy... then they the State worker decided which family to place the child(ren) with. In this case, they went with a traditional DCBS family. No biggie. 3 kids would have been a little tough, but since it was a true foster situation, I felt OK about it.

Oh, and the fact that I had a crummy night last night. So, I was trying to forget about all that...

A friend is going to come help put the toddler bed together tonight. :D Woohoo! And, another is going to let me borrow a twin bed... plus, Mindy has one I can use if I need it... so, I will have at least one twin bed soon. The agency has already asked me about two other placement situations, but they weren't emergencies, so I will probably figure that out tomorrow or sometime this week.


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